This exciting, interactive workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge to work co-operatively and effectively as a team. It will create the skills, tools and knowledge for participants to take control of building effective team synergy.


  • Creating effective teams, working from a shared vision
  • Drawing on individual strengths in building a successful team
  • Understanding different work styles and managing individuality
  • Creating buy-in for team goals and action plans
  • Using project tools and techniques in planning, setting priorities for and managing a team project
  • Creating a productive environment
  • Establishing the right level of self-management in a team
  • Delegating effectively including reporting, responsibility and accountability
  • Aligning business, team and personal goals
  • Communicating outcomes, action plans and behaviour
  • Counselling and coaching team members (including managing an ineffective or uncooperative team member)
  • Managing change in a team
  • Developing team dynamics and creating a powerful, creative and innovative team environment.


Participants will develop a better understanding of how to work, operate and contribute in an effective team. Participants will be encouraged to apply the knowledge learnt in this Workshop and will take with them a personalised action plan to measure their performance and improvement over the next six months.


This Workshop will be customized for the needs of the participants and the organization.


This can be a half, one, or two day Workshop.

"Congratulations and thank you for conducting an excellent Teambuilding and Commitment Workshop for our executives. These sessions are becoming better and better."

Ernst Pfister, General Manager Seaworld Nara Resort