Learning is the principal activity which keeps leaders fresh, flexible, fluid, able to respond and plan, to meet the challenges of leading. This workshop offers ideas and insights about being more effective as a leader. These insights can be applied regardless of where you are personally in your leadership growth, development and understanding. They are just as relevant to the person contemplating leadership issues for the first time as to an experienced CEO.

As well as offering insights and understanding for learning, this workshop offers challenges for action. This is designed to equip and empower you for your individual leadership journey.


  • Leadership can be learned and re-learned
  • The difference between managing and leading and accessing each of these roles, at the right time
  • Accessing left and right brain capabilities to expand leadership strengths
  • Integrating envisaging with traditional planning
  • Drawing on the strengths of mind, body and spirit
  • Searching out and developing the talent around you
  • Opening up your awareness and increasing your powers of understanding and receptiveness
  • Identifying how best to present yourself for maximum effectiveness
  • Focusing on the positive and generating a creative and innovative environment
  • Learning from experience and implementing understandings
  • Moving beyond limiting personal habits and programmes.


Leaders will be encouraged to apply the knowledge learnt in this Workshop at a personal and a business level. The Workshop focuses on the total person and offers insights and understandings which can be applied to all of these aspects in life. Each participant will take with them a personalised action plan to measure their performance and improvement over the next twelve months.


This Workshop will be customized to the needs of the participating Leaders.


This can be a half day, one day or two day Workshop.

"Thank you for contributing to the leadership skills of our dealers. 'Leading for the Future' gave guidance to dealers in critical aspects of their business. Your presentation was well received, professional and reflected a depth of knowledge about the dealers business".

Peter Driesson, Manager, Oil Company