This interactive workshop provides participants with the skills and tools to navigate personal and environmental change. It offers practical knowledge and strategies for participants to take control of their part of the change process.


  • Seeing change as an opportunity rather than a threat
  • Learning & applying self management and self motivation concepts during change
  • Taking responsibility for your part of the change
  • Effective stress management and creating an active wellness plan
  • Creating self motivation on a daily basis
  • Personal support and personal reward during change
  • Understanding the different types of change and how people communicate during change
  • How to give yourself effective feedback
  • Finding a reality check during change
  • Nurturing self esteem during the change process; developing a consistent, positive self esteem and matching your self image to your self esteem
  • Seeing change as an opportunity.


Participants will be encouraged to apply the skills, tools and knowledge learnt in this Change Management Workshop at a personal and a professional level. Each person will take with them a personalised action plan to measure their performance in relation to change management and a tool to measure improvement over the following twelve months.

Participants will develop a better understanding of how to operate in a changing environment and how to balance their needs and the needs and outcomes of their work environment.


This Workshop will be customized for the needs of the participants and the organization.


This can be a half day or one day Workshop.

"Vicki enabled our focus group to build the greatest trust within our team, but the greatest benefit was her ability to re-crystallize our focus. As a group, with Vicki's support, soul searching and professional commitment, we are refreshed to keep striving for excellence in care delivery."

Loretta Creevey, CEO, Aged Care