The objective of the Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit Workshop is to enable and encourage participants to use their personal power to create positive outcomes, resulting in greater balance and productivity in all facets of their lives.

By balancing their personal power in mind, body and spirit, they can re-connect with the essence of who they are. This enables each person to bring more of their creative energy into all areas of their life - personal, work, family and community relationships. Participants are given the skills and the tools so they can re-connect with their values and learn how to express them in the workplace.


  • Directing your energy creatively
  • Working with synchronicity and coincidence
  • Detaching from defending positions, connecting to the highest good
  • Going past the point of pain to solve problems and issues
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Recognising that the people who come into your life come in at the perfect moment and learning from this
  • Validating your decisions with your mind/body/soul
  • Understanding that the people you work with are valuable assets for you in terms of your growth and learning and building on this opportunity
  • Letting go of being "nice" and focusing on your integrity
  • Creating balance on a day to day level
  • Learning to identify the signals of stress
  • Techniques for stress reduction
  • Recognising your archetypal role and how it hinders or helps you in relationships
  • Trusting and developing compassion
  • Having more fun working with others and lightening your heart.


Participants will be encouraged to apply the knowledge learnt in this Workshop at a personal and a business level. Each participant will take with them a personalised action plan to measure their performance and improvement over the next six months. Participants will develop a better understanding of how to balance their lives to achieve their goals and how to create a consistent positive environment.


This Workshop will be customized for the needs of the participants and the organization.


This can be a half day or a full day Workshop.


  • "The Mind, Body, Spirit Workshop offered tools and strategies to balance my work/life better - a valuable investment for me long-term."
  • "The value of this workshop was on many levels for me, it contained practical insights into living and working in my current environment."
  • "I've gained insights into how I operate and many practical ideas I can apply at work and in my family life."
  • "Content areas were spot on. I got heaps out of this. Extremely relevant."
  • "Absolutely awesome! I have had some truly great experiences today."
  • "The knowledge was incredible. I learnt more than I ever thought I could in one day."