The objective of the Adding Value in Business Workshop is to enable the individual to use his or her personal power to add value to the whole, this leads to greater personal and team productivity.

Having an adding value perspective enriches and invigorates business and is a perfect tool to bring integrity into the marketplace.


  • Adding value principles
  • Validating your decisions with the adding value principles
  • Working collectively to add value
  • Solving issues and problems
  • Focusing on integrity
  • Developing shared values
  • Connecting to your creative energy
  • Dealing with ambiguity
  • Trust and compassion in the workplace
  • 10 steps for implementing adding value principles.


Participants will be able to take on the knowledge from this Workshop and implement it readily in the work environment. Each participant will take with them a personalised action plan from the workshop to measure their performance and improvement over the next six months. Participants will develop their interpersonal skills and learn how create an adding value environment.


This Workshop will be customized for the needs of the participants and the organization.


This can be a half day or full day Workshop.

"The value of this workshop worked for me, on many levels as a really valuable insight into living and working NOW. The workshop offered so many great tools and strategies to communicate better - a real treasure chest of goodies. It gave me an opportunity for reflection and a consideration of how I communicate. The content areas and knowledge base were spot on and extremely relevant. I had some truly great experiences today. I learnt more than I ever thought I could in one day."

Sheena Harris, Senior Manager, Westpac Bank